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Bhutan is the kingdom in the Himalayas its scenic majesty and various cultures. It is the land of the peaceful thunder dragon is known to the world by several names such as the ‘the Last Shangri-La’ or ‘the Last Place on the Roof of the World.

Bhutan offers spectacular mountain views, Himalayan flora and fauna, wave’s peaks and lush valleys, immense scenic beauty and a unique culture and lifestyle which provide Bhutan’s striking beauty and imaginative magnificence. We can see beautiful Buddhist monasteries, carved wooden houses.

Bhutan opened for tourism in 1974 and is perhaps the world’s most exclusive tourist destination. Bhutan has opened to the visitors who have a high regard for the delicate and shares the sacred attitude of its people. During the flight, you have close-up views of Mt. Everest, Kanchanjunga and various other famous peaks. Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world that is still largely untouched. It is a paradise for tourists interested in Buddhist culture and philosophy.

Location                  between China and India

Area                        46,620sqkm (18,182sq mi)

Capital:                  Thimpu

Population:             700,000 (almost. 1 million)

Religion:                  70% Buddhist, 25% Hindu, 5% others

Political-System:     Monarchy

Longitude:               27° 30’North and 90°30’ East.

National Animal:     Takin (Burdorcas taxicolor),

National Bird :         Raven (Corvus corax)

Language:  Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan. Other widely spoken languages are Nepali, Sharchop,  Bumthap and Hindi. English is understood and spoken by majority of people in major towns and medium of education in schools. Time Bhutan time is 6 hours ahead of GMT, 15 minutes ahead of Nepal, 30 minutes ahead of India  and 1 hour behind Thailand.

Drinks: Better to drink bottled, boiled and filtered water. Other variety of both hard and soft drinks are available in hotels, restaurants and shops in most towns. Many Bhutanese enjoy drinking traditional homemade alcoholic brews made from wheat, millet rice etc.

Shopping:  Mainly traditional Bhutanese arts and handicrafts. Produced by skilled artisans, these are generally of a high quality, and include Buddhist paintings and statues, textiles, jewelry and wooden bowls and carvings.

Seasons : Autumn (September-November). Winter (December-February), Summer (March-May), Monsoon (Jun- August),

Holiday/ Working hours                      

Government offices open from 09 to 17:00 hrs in summer and 09 to 16:00 hrs. in winter.

Government and most other offices work five days a week Saturday and Sunday is the official weekly holiday.

Electricity: All towns in western Bhutan have a reliable power supply. Elsewhere, access is less consistent, and electricity is not available in many parts areas of the country.

Road Transport Road transport is the dominant mode of transportation for passengers and freight within the countryarnd to the neighboring states of India.

Other Transport Arrangements

There are taxis with fare meters in Bhutan.

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Trip Grades


Very little or no physical activit is involved.


A few hours of walking may be involved in the day on mostly flat paved ground.


You need to be in average physical condition, able to walk up to a maximum of 5 hours a day on unpaved trails and track.

Very Hard

You need to be in good physical condition; be ready to walk up to 8 hours a day for consecutive days on rocky and icy terrain. Technical climbing Equipment is required.


You need to be in excellent physical condition: be ready to walk or climb more than 10 hours a day. You may be subjected to face extreme weather and high altitude. The terrain will be very rock and icy and remote. Technical climbing equipment is required.


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