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Here at Zen Adventure Nepal Treks (ZANT) guiding visitors on treks is our job, but it is also our passion. For a guide as well as his/her team trekking is a way of life. We are very knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, culture, climate, and ‘life- style’ of our surrounding country; and we hope to share that knowledge with you. Many trekkers are eager to seize this beauty and knowledge. Other trekkers may visit simply for the physical challenges and breathtaking vistas. Whatever type of trek you desire, we can show you the way through our Nepalese paradise.

As an example, our treks can take you to forests, valleys, mountain trails (wanderwegs), glaciers, even frozen lakes! Perhaps a safari trek on elephant through the Royal Chitwan National Park? You decide, and all at the pace you desire. Put on your boots and get out your ‘walking stick’ (hiking pole) because we’re going trekking.

Zen Adventure Nepal treks is known to many trekkers  around the world for operating treks in three major regions of Nepal such as the Everest region, Annapurna region and Langtang region. Many treks have been specialty treks and memorable treks planned specifically for the individual or large group; all tailored to the demands of the client. ZANT can also provide you with a list of our most popular treks if this is your first time trekking with us. Zen Adventure Nepal Treks has gathered much feedback from these experiences which we continually examine and apply to future operations. You can rest assured your trek is planned with several decades of experience working for you.

A typical trekking day begins after breakfast at around 7/8AM and a trekker will trek about 6/8 hours per day. Usually we will take a mid-morning break before lunch. This is a good time to converse with your guide about the remainder of the day and make your guide aware of anything special or out of the ordinary you would like to accomplish that day (i.e. stop for photo shoot, visit with local people, etc.). At Midday we typically stop for a lunch. This is a good time to refresh as well as chat with your guide about the days’ progress. Trekkers are expected to carry a day-pack (small) which includes personal items like a primary water bottle, rain/wind jacket, camera, and any other small items  you may need at a moment’s notice (especially medications). If you don’t have a day-pack don’t worry, we can provide one for you. Our hospitable and energetic porters often go on ahead of the group with the heavier packs; they are strong, fast and looking to prepare the campsite or tea-house for your afternoon arrival. After a good days trek they are a welcome and friendly sight!

Most trekkers are looking for the mountains and of course so are we. But do not feel like you will be climbing all day long. Normally we take short climbs followed by terrain that will plateau; it is at these points when we are truly ‘trekking’. Also, we are not ‘climbing’ per se. When we say climbing we simply mean ascending. There are no ropes or picks used. Most paths and rock steps we will be on are centuries old routes used by villagers. Would you like to try a ‘virgin’ trail? Just let your guide know this. As we have said “it is our passion”.

Let’s move forward together with Zen Adventure Nepal Treks. Discover the Himalayas and seek out the hidden treasure and sheer beauty of the ‘heavenly’ Nepal. A land truly blessed with enchantment.


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